21 jun. 2010


This year Yaocalli is proud to participate in the "International Society for Technology in Education" Congress (ISTE), which will be held in Denver Colorado from June 27 to 30, 2010.

This is the
presentation of a gastronomic "podcast" made by the students, which will focus on Mexican Fusion cuisine, in order to demonstrate how our local food can be "fused" or "mixed" with ingredients from other countries.

Finally, it should be noticed that this project is the way Yaocalli, through its students, will show the world the importance of gastronomy and how technology is basically a tool in teaching and in our every day living.

The variety of spices, leaves, chiles, fruits and vegetables that fill the Mexican markets, with its smells and colors give us an idea of the richness of its geography and its landscape.

Chiles rellenos covered with puff pastry

The “Chiles Poblanos” are original from the state of Puebla in Mexico. This dish is famous and is one of the most representative dishes, not only in the state of Puebla but almost as a national symbol. There are many ways to stuff in the chile. This time we chose cream cheese for the filling, due to the international usage, its neutral taste, and because it is easily mixed with other ingredients. The puff pastry is a international dough originally from France.

Mexican cream cheese roll

The cream cheese is used either for fillings, appetizers, deserts, or many others. In this case it was chosen to make an appetizer because of its possibility to mix with countless flavors. The Mexican touch was given using “Guacamole” (a mixture of avocado, onion, tomato and chile), and it’s covered with powdered pork skin.

Squash Blossom Artichoke dip

It can also be used as an appetizer, or as a hot entrée. The squash blossoms, a typical Mexican flower with an exquisite and delicate flavor, combines perfectly with the international and European native artichoke core, as well as different cheeses and it is served in country bread, typically wheat, which gives a special touch.

Apple & Mamey tart

The apple is a fruit native to Asia, which can be found almost anywhere in the world. It is used in desserts, sauces, and salads. However mixing the delicate flavors and colors of apples and mamey, Mexican, highlights the extraordinary trends of Mexican fusion cuisine.

Mexican brownies

The brownie is a combination of chocolate cake and a cookie. It was created in the U.S, and currently is an international desert. The Mexican touch was achieved by adding spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper (chile piquen) and vanilla. The result is a spicy chocolate flavor.

Amaranto flan

Amaranth grain is highly cultivated and traded in Mexico because it has many nutritional qualities, it has been consumed since the time of the Aztecs, who used it as an energizing drink. Nowadays it is mainly used in the production of sweets (alegría), and dressings in a variety of dishes and salads.The well known German flan prepared differently worldwide, gets the Mexican touch by using the pre-colombian seed of amaranth.

Horchata water

This drink is one of the most typical in Mexico. It is made with easily found ingredients. The main ingredient is rice followed by cinnamon, almonds and a little bit of milk.

Tamarind water

Tamarind is a very traditional fruit in Mexico. It is used in many, many ways, as sweets, with or without chili, or in sweet or sour sauces, and as in this case to make fresh water. To give an international touch, you can add ginger powder.

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ISTE 2010

ISTE 2010